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Harry Brooks
Harry Brooks


Mr. Brooks owns and operates Brooks Autos, a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram dealership located in Jackson and previously operated Brooks Motors, a Buick GMC and Chevrolet dealership in Thomasville. Mr. Brooks has been in the automobile business for over forty years in South Alabama beginning as a salesperson, progressing to becoming COO of a 7 dealership group, culminating in his acquiring these dealerships beginning in 2003. Mr. Brooks currently serves on the boards of the Thomasville Area Chamber of Commerce, Thomasville Industrial Development Board and the Healthcare Authority of The City of Thomasville.  He and his wife Cynthia reside in Thomasville.





andrew bearden
Andrew Bearden


Mr. Bearden is a practicing Certified Public Accountant and Management Consultant in Thomasville, Alabama.  He has extensive experience in accounting, management and banking.  He obtained his accounting credentials in 1975.  He practiced public accounting until 1985 at which time he was employed by a publicly owned Financial Institution.  With that organization, Mr. Bearden rose to become an Executive Vice President and served as Chief Financial Officer and later as Chief Operating Officer of a $1 billion asset Financial Institution.  Due to a merger with another Financial Institution, Mr. Bearden  subsequently served as an Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of a $2 billion asset organization.  During his banking career Mr. Bearden gained significant experience in risk assessment, investments and other management skills.  In 2009, Mr. Bearden retired from banking and now operates his accounting firm and consulting businesses.  Mr. Bearden serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of a publicly owned Financial Institution and as the Vice Chairman of the City of Thomasville Industrial Development Board.  Mr. Bearden and his wife Linda Privett are members of the Thomasville United Methodist Church where they are actively involved.  Currently Mr. Bearden serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Thomasville Health Care and Rehabilitation Center.


Juanita O’Bryant


Juanita O’Bryant has been a resident of Thomasville since 1970. She worked in nursing for 20 years having worked at DCH in Tuscaloosa and Thomasville Hospital. Mrs. O’Bryant left Thomasville Hospital in 1980 to work for her husband, Jimmy in the Funeral business; she retired from there in 2009.  She is an active member of Hospital/Nursing Home Auxiliary in Thomasville and very active in the community.  She is a member of Thomasville United Methodist Church where she serves on the Board of Trustees.  She is also a member of the Chancel Choir and United Methodist Women. Mrs. O’Bryant is currently Secretary of the Thomasville Health Care and Rehabilitation Center Governing Board and has served on the Board for several years.




vera harris-crop-u3073
Vera Harris


Mrs. Vera B. Harris is a long time citizen of Thomasville and retired after 42 years in the field of Education.  She holds a certificate to teach all 12 grades of school and served as school Counselor and Registrar for 26 years.  She was also ACT test administrator for 15 years.   Her extracurricular involvements include sponsor for organizations like SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions), Student Council, PAL (Partners and Assistant Learners), SCAP (School Community and Pride), and many other organizations.  She has served as coordinator of programs like Upward Bound, drug counselor, Project Quest, BBSST, and LEA for Special Education, Muscular Dystrophy, Math-A-Thon for St. Jude, and Pennies for Patience (cancer drive). Presently, she serves on the Library Board of Thomasville, Salvation Army Board, South West Auxiliary, and RSVP Board.  She volunteers with Adult Literacy Program, Thomasville Art Council, and TES Reading Program. She is President of the Dravitan Civic Club and a member of the South West Auxiliary.  Mrs. Harris is a member of Independent Baptist Church where she is very active. She serves as Deaconess, Missionary, Usher and Usher President, and Council for Youth Usher Board.  She has recently joined the Thomasville Health Care and Rehabilitation Governing Board.



jeff gibson
Jeff Gibson


Richard J. Gibson (Jeff currently is broker and co-owner of Pope’s Real Estate, LLC in Thomasville, Alabama.  He is currently active as a real estate agent and has been since 1985.  He is also a certified real estate appraiser in the State of Alabama since 1992.  Mr. Gibson became co-owner of Pope’s Real Estate, LLC in 2000.  After receiving a BS degree from the University of Alabama in 1979, he was employed by MacMillan Bloedel for 13 years as a cartographer and implemented a computer based system for maintaining property land lines, etc.  Mr. Gibson is a member of The Thomasville United Methodist Church and resides in Thomasville, Alabama.






Department Leaders

diane gatlin.png
Diane O. Gatlin Administrator

Hello, I am Diane Gatlin.  I am Administrator here at Thomasville Health care and Rehabilitation Center and have been a part of the family at Thomasville Health Care & Rehabilitation since 1978.  My role is to support all departments and help THCRC be the best it can be for Thomasville and surrounding areas.  In addition, I am the person responsible for the financial stability of the organization so I do a lot of number crunching (which I love.)  Also, I am the person held responsible for ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations like, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, Internal Revenue Service, and Alabama Department of Public Health. Please come by for a tour of our facility.  I think you will like what you see.




pam taylor


I am Pamela A. Taylor, Director of Human Resources at THCRC and have been a part of the family at THCRC since 2004. I am responsible for nursing scheduling, policies & procedures as they relate to employees, ensuring all employees are a legal hire in accordance with all applicable laws. I consider it a part of my civic, as well as Christian duty, to care for the citizens of Thomasville and the surrounding areas.




gala baugh
Gala Baugh           Director of Nurses


Hi, my name is Gala Baugh.  I am the Director Of Nurses at THCRC.  I started my career as the DON at Thomasville Nursing Home in 1993. I do a wide variety of things in my position, such as: coordinate services between the various nursing departments, being available to residents, staff and family members to address concerns regarding care, and handling paperwork involving admissions, regulatory compliance and quality control. We enjoy having members of our community come by for visits and to volunteer with various activities in the facility. We look forward to seeing you. 






felecia carter
Felecia Carter   Assistant Director of Nurses


My name is Felecia Carter. I am the Assistant Director of Nursing at THCRC and have been a part of the family since 2004. I am a Certified Risk Manager and a certified CPR instructor. I am a Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP) and a certified MAS Nurse. My past experience includes Oncology, Emergency Room, and Infusion Coordinator. I am the coordinator and primary instructor for the Certified Nursing Assistant Program for our facility and I serve as the contact RN during the admission process. I also serve as the infection control nurse and work with the Alabama Department of Public Health during outbreaks of flu and other epidemics to ensure our residents are as protected as possible while being responsible for weekly Medicare documentation that serves as a source for reimbursement for care rendered.  I have oversight of the process of accreditation of the American Health Care and Accreditation. I perform the annual skills check of Certified Nursing Assistants and Licensed nurses for proficiency in areas of care. It gives me pleasure to serve the residents and staff at THCRC.  It is my heart’s desire to make everyone feel special.




susan sutton-crop-u6770
Susan Sutton LPN/Restorative Care Coordinator


Hello, I am Susan Sutton and I have been a part of THCRC since 2000. I am a Licensed Practical Nurse and the Restorative Care Coordinator. I have also acquired a certificate in Risk Management and Legal Nurse Consultant, as well as Certified Dietary Manager since my employment here.  I am certified by Red Cross both in CPR and to instruct classes to certify others in CPR.  I have received approval from Alabama Department of Public Health to teach the Certified Nursing Assistants program.  My position is to develop, implement, monitor and supervise the restorative nursing program for the facility. I work closely with the treating therapist to ensure our residents get the highest quality of skilled therapeutic care whether it is for short term stay or long term stay.   Restorative dining is another program I am responsible for which requires me to look at every aspect of dining to best maximize the experience.  Please come visit our facility and meet our wonderful stay. We would love to show you all Thomasville Health Care and Rehabilitation has to offer.




burnette bennett
Burnette Wimbley Social Services Coordinator/Activities Director


My name is Burnette Bennett Wimbley. I have been an employee at Thomasville Health Care and Rehabilitation Center since 1994. I hold the position of Social Service/Activity Director. As Social Services Designee I act as a personal advocate for the residents. I ensure that the concerns that the residents or family members may have are addressed. I assist with getting eye, hearing and dental appointments when needed. I monitor any types of behaviors that may occur with the residents during their stay here in the facility. I am responsible for making sure that all resident rights are being honored. As Activity Director my responsibility is to develop and implement specific programs based on the needs of the residents or participants. My goal is meet the physical, mental and psychosocial needs and interests of our residents and planning activities that give them a sense of worth and importance that they can share with their loved ones. I make every effort to assist with providing our residents with good care in a dignified and respectful manner.  We hope that you would take the time out to come visit with us, and allow us to care for those who cared for you. 





vanessa stubbs
Vanessa Stubbs Environmental Services Director


Hello, I am Vanessa Stubbs and I have been at the Thomasville Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center since 1979. While working here I have received education in Risk Management.  My position entails implementing, organizing, developing and directing the Environmental Services staff; to ensure a safe, clean and sanitary environment for our residents, staff, and visitors. In addition to many other services provided, we have our laundry department who takes pride in keeping our residents personal clothing at its very best. We strive to do our best for all of our residents and make Thomasville Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center the best facility for our community.





erica pace
Erica Pace        Medical Records, Billing & Admissions


My name is Erica Pace and I have worked with Thomasville Health Care & Rehabilitation Center since 2008. I have had the opportunity to work with other departments and gain experience in the areas of accounts payable, scheduling, and therapy.   I am currently Admissions Coordinator, Medical Records Director, Certified Medicare Billing Specialist (other insurances when necessary) and Purchasing.  I assist in areas of therapy, disaster planning, and miscellaneous areas around the facility as needed.   THCRC offers a service to the community where we will assist seniors in researching Part D plans that best fit their needs (by appointment.)  It is a pleasure to work with the staff of THCRC but my greatest joy and pleasure is to work with the residents on a daily basis.





janet smith-crop-u3019
    Janet Smith    Accounts Receivable/ Payroll


My name is Janet Smith and I have worked at Thomasville Health Care & Rehab Center since 2004. I am the Office manager and my duties include Accounts Receivable, working with our accountants, payroll for the facility and the many aspects of that responsibility. Another important responsibility I have is assisting families with becoming Medicaid eligible which allows many residents to have the financial ability to live here and give families the peace of mind knowing that they are in the best setting they can be.  Our number one priority here at Thomasville Health Care and Rehab Center is to care for our residents. I invite you to come by and look around. If we can ever be of assistance to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.





mike overton-crop-u3025
Michael Overton DoPO/Maintenance


My name is Mike Overton. I am the Director of Plant Operations here, otherwise known as “the maintenance man”. I have been here since August 2010. I am a member of several professional organizations who offer excellent support in my job at our facility.  My position is to manage the maintenance of the buildings, property, equipment, computers, phone systems and network systems. I am also required to perform regular government mandated inspections verifying that we meet The Life Safety Codes required for Long Term Care Facilities while monitoring any and all contractors to ensure quality work and performance while maintaining a safe environment for our residents and staff. I work with our local First Responders in protecting our facility. We do not have an in-house IT department, so I serve as the person who repairs, checks and/or determines if our outside IT company needs to be called. Due to my love for technology, I often research new or upgrades to our existing technology systems in the facility. I really love the challenges associated with my responsibilities here. I also love the interaction with the residents and caring for the facility needs of the residents. I get more appreciation from helping them than I ever did from customers when I owned my own construction company.



marcie lynn-crop-u3047
 Marcie Moore            Accounts Payable


Hello, I am Marcie Moore. I have been employed here at Thomasville Health Care and Rehab Center since 2005. I was hired here through the co-op program at Thomasville High School as a receptionist, and since then my responsibilities have grown. I am now responsible for Accounts Payable, scheduling of nursing staff and many other miscellaneous duties while managing the front desk as receptionist.  Since I am many times the first person seen by visitors, I do my best to have a professional approach and be as helpful as I can.  I love welcoming members of my community to our hometown facility.




     Gail Baker          MDS/Care Plan Coordinator


I am Gail Baker and my position is the MDS Assessment/Care Plan Coordinator. I have been a Registered Nurse for 35 years and have worked at Thomasville Health Care and Rehabilitation Center since 1998. As MDS/Care Plan coordinator I coordinate a comprehensive assessment of each resident that helps us develop a plan of care that will give them the best possible life while with us.  This plan of care helps provide direction for the staff for proper care in coordination with the physician’s orders and the resident’s preferences. Another one of my responsibilities is to electronically report  information to CMS about residents and their medical care.  Medicare uses this information to determine payments to the facility and to monitor certain areas of care in comparison to other facilities in our state and nationwide. We would love an opportunity to care for your loved one.  Come by for a visit.



pat knight
   Patricia Knight       RN Supervisor


Hello, I am Pat Knight, RN, BSN.  I have been here at THCRC since 2009. I have thirty three years experience in various aspects of nursing.  In addition to my nursing experience here at Thomasville Health Care and Rehabilitation Center, my nursing experience includes hospital nursing, health department clinical nurse, and travel nursing. I am very passionate about education, nursing, music, and art.  However, my greatest passion other than my interest in people is helping animals.  In conclusion, I enjoy my chosen profession, my colleagues, my clients, and residents.  I hope to meet you soon.





Credentialed Medical Staff


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